Netti Nüganen: The Myth: Last Day - Performance





Performance: The Myth: last day, 2022.

The Myth: last day is centred around a prefabricated archaeological mine, where a pseudo-archaeologist digs objects from the ground. It intertwines reality and fiction, and creates myths, thereby constructing speculative pasts and futures. The second part of the show is a black-metal-inspired doomsday-concert, where the researcher becomes a chaotic punk-metalhead. It animates the ruins, explores reasons to project towards the future and stay on the surface.



Director, performer: Netti Nüganen
Stage design, costumes: Pire Sova
Dramaturgy: Sabine Cmelniski
Sound design: Artjom Astrov
Light design: Priidu Adlas
Text advice: Keiu Krikmann
Uma: Johhan Rosenberg
Photos: Alana Proosa
Graphic design: Yunie Chae
Project management: Siim Tõniste, Eneli Järs
Co-production: Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Netti Nüganen
Supported by Eesti Kultuurkapital
Thanks: Johhan Rosenberg, Anna Viik, Henri Künnap, Henry Kasch, Tuuri Viik, Kristiina Tang, Anne Reemann, Tiia Rosenberg, Ando Naulainen, Heneliis Notton, Ahmed El Gendy, Tea Teearu, Laura van Bergem, Maike Lond

Premiere: 14th of May 2022, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn, Estonia
Producer: Kanuti Gildi SAAL

Duration: 90′
In English

There’s loud music, clay dust and nudity in the performance


Netti Nüganen is a performance artist based between Vienna and Tallinn. She uses the performative moment as an occasion to create new ways of storytelling that could rupture the existing structures and habits. As a doomer, she looks for ways to (re)establish connections with the past, which would enable an intentional look upon the present and extend the perspective towards the future.