C'est Cécile: A retrospective of performative works by Dodda Maggý




C’est Cécile: A retrospective of performative works by Dodda Maggý features selected performance based video/music works from 2004 to the current date. The program runs 40 minutes closing with the premiere of Cécile (2021) a whimsical study on synesthesia.

Full Program at Bíó Paradís:

Stella (2004) Video/Music 5:50 min
Natalie (2004) Video/Music 3:20 min
Margret (2005) Video/Music 3:30 min
Iris (2006) Video/Music 4:30 min
Lucy (2009) Video/Music in 5.1 Surround Sound 4:20 min
I’m not here (2009) Silent Video 2:22 min
Madeleine (2014) Video/Music 4:40 min
Cécile (2021) Video/Music 2:40 min

Dodda Maggý SEQUENCES X from Dodda Maggý on Vimeo.

Dodda Maggý (b. 1981) is an Icelandic artist and composer based in Reykjavík. Her practice centres around the research of time-based media ranging from formal studies of the structural relationship between the visual and the aural to exploring the ethereal qualities of video, sound and music. A reoccurring theme in her work is the pursuit of giving form to perceptual experiences. Producing audio/visual installations, purely sound-based work, musical compositions or silent moving images Dodda Maggý attempts to externalize the internal dimensions of the sensorial and the fantastical.