Freya Björg Olafson

Freya Björg Olafson is an interdisciplinary / dance artist who works with video, audio, painting and performance. Her creations have been presented and exhibited nationally as well as internationally at festivals and galleries such as SECCA ~ SouthEastern Center for Contemporary Art (North Carolina), OchoYmedio / Alas de la Danza (Quito, Guayaquil and Manta / Ecuador), The Plug In Institute for Contemporary Art (Winnipeg), InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Center (Toronto), dance: made in canada biennial (Toronto), Winnipeg Art Gallery, Tangente – Laboratoire des Movements Contemporains (Montreal), O.K. Centrum / Transart Institute (Linz, Austria), Summerworks Theater Festival (Toronto) and MONA ~ Museum of New Art (Detroit).



As performer and creator, Freya blends 6 years classical training in the Professional Program of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet with the contemporary facility achieved through her completion of the Bachelor of Arts Honors degree in dance from Winnipeg’s School of Contemporary Dancers in affiliation with the University of Winnipeg. She combines her finesse in movement with the directness of her performance art, video and theory studies from the University of Manitoba School of Art and her subsequent completion of a Master of Fine Arts Degree in New Media from the Transart Institute / Donau Universitat in Krems, Austria.

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Freya Björk Olafson