Katya Buchatska


The Great Meadow Silt is a painting where the artist has used silt collected from the new land exposed again after the Russian military destroyed the Kakhovka Dam in southern Ukraine and the vast natural and humanitarian catastrophe that it caused in early 2023. The artwork is a piece from a now apocalyptic landscape, a destruction caused by humans. It is also a reminder that after the catastrophe, some previously flooded landscapes have become apparent again.

Katya Buchatska (b. 1987) is an artist who lives and works in Kyiv. Buchatska works in various media, such as painting,  installation, sculpture, photography and video. Her works address human and non-human relations, the remnants of antiquity, corporeal vulnerabilities to violence, and the possibilities that stem from changing perspectives. The work shown at Sequences is a continuation of Buchatska’s series Soils (2022), where she uses soils from de-occupied or shelled territories in Ukraine as a pigment for her oil paints when creating the works.

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