Sequences IX – Really

The curators, Ingólfur Arnarsson & Hildigunnur Birgisdóttir, conferring at a local hangout

Sequences – real time art festival takes place for the ninth time in Reykjavík, October 11th – 20th 2019.  

Ingólfur Arnarsson (b. 1956) and Hildigunnur Birgisdóttir (b. 1980) are the curators of Sequences 2019. Both are active participants in the Icelandic art scene as visual artists, teachers and curators, with this being the first time they collaborate with one another on a project of this scale. Ingólfur and Hildigunnur have taught courses together in the department of Fine Art at Iceland University of the Arts for years.

This year Sequences will be celebrated widely throughout Reykjavík, with exhibition venues including the Living Art Museum and Kling & Bang, both housed in the Marshall House in Grandi, Ásmundarsalur, Harbinger, Open and Bíó Paradís.

Kristinn Guðbrandur Harðarson (b. 1955) has been selected as the biennial’s honorary artist, and has been active in the Icelandic art scene for decades. In his works a personal and poetic processing of the artist’s close environment is positioned within various mediums including texts, embroidery, sculpture, wall mural, cartoons and performances. Kristinn’s solo exhibition will be held at Ásmundarsalur, and an artist book introduced at the same time will serve as its own independent exhibition space.

The subtitle ofSequences, real time art festival, points to the festival’s original focus on time-based mediums and live artworks. This year the concept of real time has been disrupted and the relativity of the concepts real and time are explored. Audience members will have an opportunity to become acquainted with realities and multiple points of views that may reflect upon the times we are currently experiencing. Ingólfur and Hildigunnur approach this idea through questions on reality and alternative realities, real time and relative time through a juxtaposition of multiple works.

Time is momentarily real to every resident in it. The real time travels through countless channels that each revolve around each person that resides in it. It is healthy for everyone to dip their toes into others time channel, and thereby gain a new perspective on reality.