Screenings and Sequences ix closing party in Bíó Paradís

Chromatography 1 — 15x 25 cm felt pen on washi paper.

Two videoworks will be screened in Bíó Paradís this saturday.  Aphantasia by Amanda Riffo, will be premiered as a visual experiment where the audience is invited to participate in an exercise that combines various senses.

In A Tree is like a Man, Þorbjörg Jónsdóttir reaches into other worlds. She met shaman Don William by coincindence, when she was travelling in the Amazon in Columbia in 2000. The film is created around their acquaintanceship. The film is shot on a 16mm film over the course of a few years and evolves around Ayahuasca, the landscape of the jungle and the spiritual world of the people who live there.

After Amanda Riffo’s and Þorbjörg Jónsdóttir film screening, the final celebration of the festival will commence.
An evening full to the brim with talented acts and festivities. Thanks to Bíó Paradís and Mekka Wines&Spirits there will be a number of good deals at the bar.

Performing will be:
Austin James Christ
Silfrún & Tara who will be hosts 
Gyðjan Uxi
DJ Möðerfönker (Melkorka Þorkelsdóttir)
Prince Fendi the Punisher

Mood manager : Sean Patrick O’Brien
Video Jockey : Oscar Gränse