Artist talk - Gabriel Mestre


Gabriel Mestre Arrioja is a writer, artist, filmmaker and independent curator. Mestre Arrioja works with non-linear projects to generate different epistemological production that reunites artistic practices, the knowledge of the indigenous people of Mexico and the First Nations of the Americas with the history of the avant-garde art movements and notions from critical thinking. His projects are to find different schemes of participation and collaboration with individuals and groups alienated by Capitalism and other production systems, promoting, among other things: aims of decolonialization, the exercise of institutional criticism and civil rights empowerment and the building of alternative and solidarity economies. Since 2002, he has managed several projects as independent, self-supported or freelance curator. His achievements have been developed mostly in the fields of contemporary art and visual culture but also within anthropology and the environmental science. He has collaborated with selected institutions (public, private and personal ones) in Europe and Asia, as well as in the Americas, running his exhibitions, publications and public programs in a number of countries such as: Iceland, Japan, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Cuba, Colombia and Mexico. Recently, his curatorial research, mediation and management of projects have been benefited by different international grants, programs and institutions, such as: Danish Art Foundation, OCA, FRAME, CCA Estonia, CAC Vilnius, Icelandic Art Center, IFA, Goethe Institute, Austrian Cultural Forum and Jumex Foundation, among others. He is the founder of the Curatorial Residency In Mexico (CRIMEX), the project space Surplus Int. and the non-profit organization Artenación.

Gabriel Mestre Arrioja