Sigtryggur Berg: A Compendium Of Terrestrial Disjection – release party




For Sequences X, Sigtryggur has been working on a new album called A Compendium Of Terrestrial Disjection

The project involves collecting different sounds from artists and shaping them into a total work. This is not the first time that Sigtryggur has released an album like this which he made in collaboration with Matthew Waldron, a sound artist from the United States. The sounds they have received from the following artists: Guðmundur Arnalds, Benedikt Hermann Hermannsson, Ragnar Jónsson, Arnljótur Sigurðsson, Örlygur Steinar Arnalds, Vilhjálmur Yngvi Hjálmarsson, Atli Finnsson, Hjalti Freyr Ragnarsson, Guðlaugur Hörðdal, Gígja jónsdóttir, Úlfur Bragi Einarsson, Ida Schuften Juhl and Zofia Tomczyk. 

The release will be celebrated in Post-húsið with a special performance and experimental music program where guests can get a copy of the album.

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson (b. 1977) is a visual, sound and performance artist based in Hannover, Germany. He studied Sonology at the Royal  Conservatory Den Haag, Holland in 1997 to 1998, and received MFA at Fachochshcule fur bilende kunst Hannover, Germany in 2004. Sigmarsson exhibits his paintings & drawings internationally but is probably most known for his energetic performances at a wide array of venues. His approach is that of the trembling artist, struggling to make sense and direction out of a creative impulse. Regardless of the medium, there is a continuous search for order and chaos throughout his body of work.