Muffled sound from a television from behind a closed door




Þóranna Dögg Björnsdóttir (b. 1976) is a graduate of Classical Piano from FÍH Music School and holds a BA in Visual and Sound Art from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

Þóranna’s work, interwoven image and sound, is often built upon the interplay of film and live music performances, and takes on the form of sound-sculpture, performance and soundwork. She has exhibited her work widely and performed at numerous concerts and art festivals in Iceland and internationally. Þóranna also works as a performance artist with the international art group Wunderland.

At Sequences IX Þóranna will create conditions that involve awakening or evoking memories; sharing experiences, connecting with the outside world and creating new.

“To consider a memory of sound draws attention to sharp images in the mind; one hears and envisions. Sound/memory fragments revived are reduced images of a reality that once was, and by emphasizing sound/sounds, the phenomena, an understanding and sensitivity to research transforms and suggests new ideas about reality as it is and can be. The sounds are intangible and vaporous, like the memories of them. Sounds are object-oriented. Sounds become abstract. By recreating the memory of sound, an experience is brought into place and moment, and connections are made to a distant world.”