Miles Greenberg: Oysterknife





A continuous twenty-four-hour screening of Miles Greenberg’s performance Oysterknife (2020) will be presented at Tjarnarbíó from October 22 – October 23, 2021. Oysterknife was first presented by the Marina Abramović Institute and is co-produced by the Phi Centre in Montreal. In this durational work, Greenberg walked on a conveyor belt for twenty-four consecutive hours without interruption. It was the artist’s most austere and demanding exploration of ritual. Epic in its endurance, introspection and athleticism, the performance is a meditation on the physical and mental limitations of the body, creating space for unmediated automatic movement.

Miles Greenberg (b. 1997 in Montreal, Canada) is a performance artist and researcher of corporal movement based in New York. His work consists of large- scale, sensorially-immersive and often site-specific environments which revolve around the physical body in space. These installations are activated with durational performances, treating the body as a sculptural material.

At age seventeen, Greenberg left formal education and threw himself into a four-year independent research project studying movement and architecture as they relate to the Black body. This spanned a number of solo artistic/research including École Jacques Lecoq and Musée du Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Red Gate Gallery Beijing and Long Island’s Watermill Center. He has a largely self-acquired background in linguistics, perfumery, butoh and physical theatre, and has studied under the direction of various mentors such as Edouard Lock, Robert Wilson and Marina Abramović.

Stills from Oysterknife, 2020. Courtesy of the artis.