Johhan Rosenberg: Traps - Performance (ticketed)





Traps, 2022

14 and 15 October

70 min

Traps can be seen as a confluence of different actions, dragged by linguistic elements. A hypnotic zoo invites the viewer into its trap. The performance finds itself between the wet walls, inhabited by an unknown identity that seeks to make eye contact with the public. Traps falls into the captured within estrangement and dares to gaze back to reflect its own sociality.

The performance seeks to trace our forgotten belongings, being a trapping pulse and raw meat programmed to consume. It’s a place where drugs and identities are sold and dissolved. It’s a tongue hole, wasted head, wolf-wheel, a person’s dirty mouth and a leaky engine. It travels, restricts, attrapts (?), pokes, and strokes our presence while we’re caught in our own traps.

1.500 ISK


Choreography and performance: Johhan Rosenberg
Scenography: Júlia Sára Vavra
Sound design: Karl Saks, Hendrik Kaljujärv
Light design: Priidu Adlas
Light technician: Kristiina Tang
Advice and dramaturgy: Netti Nüganen, Maike Lond
Technical support: Henry Kasch, Kristiina Tang
Photos: Alana Proosa
Project manager: Eneli Järs, Siim Tõniste
Co-Production: Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Johhan Rosenberg
Supported by: Eesti Kultuurkapital
Thank you: Sille Holm, Madlen Hirtentreu, Heneliis Notton, Bosa Mina, Nele Kurvits, Ekke Hekles

Premiere: 2nd of May 2022, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn, Estonia
Producer: Kanuti Gildi SAAL

Duration: 70′
Language no problem

Johhan Rosenberg (1997) is an Estonian choreographer and artist working in the fields of dance and performance art. With a background of dance and music studies he graduated 2020 choreography studies in Amsterdam (SNDO).