Johhan Rosenberg


Johhan Rosenberg (1997) is an Estonian choreographer and artist working in the fields of dance and performance art. With a background of dance and music studies he graduated 2020 choreography studies in Amsterdam (SNDO). 

Dance is seen as a transformation of movements and patterns of thought and states of the unconscious. The way in which creation interacts and constructs surrounding imagery is always under the microscope. In his practice, the functionalities of language and identities become embodied contexts towards the process of creating surroundings. Through raw vocabulary and playfulness, he layers body, text, and sound to meet-cross in the collective consciousness. Hyper sociality, post-internet world and nostalgia horror are some of the keywords that are used to characterise Rosenberg’s works. He received the Estonian Theatre Prize Dance Award 2022 for their performance “Eden Detail” and was nominated for the 2023 awards in the same category with their solo work “traps”.

He has presented works in Amsterdam (Frascati thetare, Dansmakers, Veem House for Performance), London (Lewisham Arthouse), Moscow (ZIL), Riga (Curving the Dance), St.Petersburg (SDVIG), Berlin (Studio dB, Uferstudios) and Tallinn (EKA Gallery, Tartu New Thetare, EKKM, ULM and Kanuti Gildi SAAL) and is participating in several international projects as a performer and dramaturg. Currently he is studying Chinese Medicine and is busy with teaching performance composition and movement research in different universities.

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