Freyja Reynisdóttir: ABACUS: calculating truths (Miniature installation)





Freyja Reynisdóttir uses her work to conduct performative experiments in the search for subjective “Truths“, deeming the artistic experience suitable for communication regarding the undefined yet tangible in our perceptions and understanding of the self or our supposed shared reality. Freyja approaches her subjects through her own writing. She creates formulas and recipes, objects, drawings, paintings, installations, sounds and videos, depending on which medium is suitable at any given time.

I am fascinated by definitions of Truth. I like to think there is a common sensuous language we share and experience through being amongst things and objects. The experience translates into a language of words and concepts, subjective to each individual.

Whether Truth stems from balance, an ineffable feeling, temporary subjective aesthetics, a personal narrative, cold-blooded convenience or from some other undefined place, a playful definition of Truth can be explored.

I invite you to participate in my experiment with the work Abacus.