Zenta Logina


The tapestry depicts the birth of a planet, the black Core, surrounded by vibrant lines. The birth of a planet is a process that could take millions of years. The artist, who was very much interested in astronomy, has here captured this in a tapestry format.

Zenta Logina (b. 1908, d. 1983) was a pioneer of Latvian abstractionism who worked in various genres and directions: painting,  textile art, sculpture. Zenta Logina’s artworks have been described as “the gold fund of Latvian non-conformist art.” The artist  painted realistic figurative compositions; however, since her retirement in 1963, her handwriting changed rapidly and she turned to abstract forms.

No works from this period were exhibited during Zenta Logina’s lifetime. Geometric abstractions and planetary and cosmic motifs began to dominate her work, and Zenta Logina sought new forms and appropriate artistic materials to realise her creative intentions.

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