Uku Sepsivart


Uku Sepsivart has obtained a MA degree from sculpture and installation department in Estonian Academy of Arts in 2015. 2012, Uku Sepsivart was awarded the Young Artist Prize (by non-profit organization Noor Kunst and Estonian Academy of Arts). Sepsivart is interested about creating together with non-human animals and integrating natural processes in his work. Recently he has installed a salt sculptue in the forest at Pähni South-Estonia for wild animals to shape. He will take part in several art events in the frame or European culture capital 2024 Bad Ishcl Austria and 2024 Tartu Estonia.

Artwork in public space

Michelangelo’s Assignment, 2017/2023.
Pig fat, wheat flour, rye flour, sunflower seeds, cornstarch, potato starch, plaster. Sculpture changing through time.

Location: Hljómskálagarðurinn (public park)

In the video work Michelangelo’s Assignment, birds are included in the process of art making. The work is inspired from a sentence by Michelangelo: “In every block of material there is a sculpture inside, it is the sculptor’s assignment to remove the extra material to take the sculpture out.” So the birds are becoming sculptors through this idea, eating the material and thus forming the final outcome.

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