Kadri Liis Rääk


The work acts as the mouth of a cave, connecting different spheres: the ground and underground levels, the conscious and  subconscious. It celebrates the fluidity and multiplicity of bodily experiences, rejecting the idea that there is a singular, essential way of being embodied. This fluidity opens up new possibilities for thinking about the relationship between the body and the world, including the more-than-human. What becomes or remains of bodies after life? Where do the boundaries of the bodies lie and what might our ethical responsibilities be towards these non-human or post-human entities that carry stories of what once was? The works open up an alternative way of seeing and sensing, embodying empathy and the need to learn to communicate with things and organisms with care and gentleness.

Kadri Liis Rääk (b. 1990) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Tallinn, whose practice combines methods of scenography and speculative design, putting emphasis on creating immersive, multimodal experiences. Her works play with archetypal and symbolic narratives, touching upon the entanglements and dialogues of different life forms in an ecological melting pot, seething from different strata.

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