Julia Eckhardt


Julia Eckhardt is a musician and organiser in the field of the sonic arts and at the intersection of composed and improvised music. She is a founding member and artistic co-director of Q-O2 workspace in Brussels, for which she conceptualized different thematic projects such as Field Fest, Tuned City Brussels, Interpretations., the other the self, //2009//- what do you make of what I say, DoUndo/Recycling G, Abstract Adventures, De Tijd is Rond and Speling.

As a performer of composed and improvised music, she has collaborated extensively with composer Éliane Radigue, next to other artists such as Phill Niblock, Pauline Oliveros, Jennifer Walshe, Wandelweiser-composers, Rhodri Davies, Taku Sugimoto, Manfred Werder, Angharad Davies, Lucio Capece, Manu Holterbach, Anne Wellmer, Carol Robinson, several of them being represented on recordings.

She has been teaching and lecturing at Lemmens Institut (Leuven), Transmedia (LUCA Brussel) and La Cambre (Brussels). She is author of The Second Sound, conversation on gender and music (umland), Grounds for Possible Music (Errant Bodies), The Middle Matter – sound as interstice, and Éliane Radigue – Intermediary Spaces/Espaces intermédiaires.

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