John Grzinich


John Grzinich has worked since the early 1990s as an artist and cultural coordinator with various practices combining sound, moving image, site-specificity, and collaborative social structures. He has performed and exhibited in North/South America, Europe and Japan and his compositions have been published on a host of international labels. The focus of his work in recent years has been to combine sound and listening practices with various media to confront anthropocentric perceptions of the world through expanded forms of listening. Apart from his personal artistic practice, he coordinates activities for the artist-run organization MoKS and is currently a visiting Associate Professor of New Media in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Estonian Academy of Arts.


Artwork in Public Space

Powerless Flight (Reykjavík), 2023
Wind,Wood, String, Resonators.

Location: Edition Hotel

Powerless Flight in front of the Edition Hotel was originally conceived as
a response to the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, where keen listeners witnessed a brief eco-acoustic ‘return of nature’ during the global lockdowns. Reorienting our perception towards other-than-human worlds, the installation aims to give a voice to the often unseen and unheard forces of the geophysical, allowing us to listen and hear the more subtle aspects of earthly processes.The wind harps are designed to respond to a wide variety of conditions such as wind speed and direction. These conditions in turn affect the tonality, harmonics and loudness of the sound.

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