Guðrún B. Nielsen


Wood and rock sculptures by Guðrún Nielsen inhabit the space at Kling & Bang during the festival. These wood carvings are imaginary creatures who could be living on the ground, in the bushes or in the trees, feeding our imagination of what other creatures could exist. The wood and stone sculptures create space for the imagination, allowing us to envision different characters, born from natural forms.

Guðrún Nielsen (b. 1914, d. 2000) has become known for her wood carvings, which can be found in many places both in and outside Iceland. They were inspired by carvings she saw in Denmark which made her want to try the technique. Her works can be classified into three groups: Wood carvings, stone works made from small found stones that come together to make a whole, and lastly works made from roots that have been altered slightly. Guðrún creates an intriguing and charming personal world where delicate lines are supported by robust forms.

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