Grétar Reynisson – Honorary Artist 2013


Grétar Reynisson is an artist, actor and production designer, among other things.


On the occasion of honorary artist Gretar Reynisson’s exhibition, Decade, in the Living Art Museum and Artima Gallery during Sequences a catalogue will be published by Útúrdúr.

Reynisson is invited to take part in this real time art festival with his intriguing collection of works, Decade, which are in fact evidence of an extensive durational performance. For the first time the entirety of his opus is presented to the public. At the turn of the century, Reynisson took the decision to break from exhibition-making and work every day on this project, from 1 January 2001 to 31 December 2010; collecting, counting and archiving the routine of the everyday. The white shirt that he wore became part of a subtle performance, as did the pillow that he slept on and the glass that he drank out of. The daily routine became an ongoing artistic process, the context of which was the archetypal question concerning the boundary between life and art. Works that were created on a daily basis over ten years are now on display for only ten days.

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