Elísabet K. Jökulsdóttir


The honorary artist of Sequences X – Time Has Come is Elísabet Kristín Jökulsdóttir. Elísabet has the ability to weave threads between various forms of art and she uses her voice to tell it like it is but also to remind us of the magic.

Elísabet’s possesses the language of the goddess and she appears to us in different images, creating and destroying in turn, she on the inside and the outside and dances on the line between. In her work, Elísabet is analytical of her own self and the nation’s and she deals with the Utopian role of art as a shifting force in society. Her strength lies in the dynamic and diverse relationship she has to her viewers and listeners, where she herself is like a public work of art, constantly stirring the ideas of the society and thus stirring time and participating in the endless recreation of the world.

“The geneses of various religions do not normally state that a world is being created for the first time. […] But while nothing else is stated, we can imagine that the world is being recreated instead of created anew. Maybe the world had been created and destroyed so often that it was considered appropriate to write it down, and it wasn’t worth their while saying: “For the hundredth time, there was darkness …” – Elísabet Kristín Jökulsdóttir

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