Dozie Kanu

Dozie Kanu (b. 1993, Houston, TX) lives and works in Santarém, Portugal. Hegraduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2016 and participated in theMaumas Independent Study Program in Lisbon in 2022. Appropriating foundobjects and refashioning them to new aesthetics, Kanu creates sculptures andphotography that are inherently disobedient and stubbornly slippery. Theyresist classification and exist instead as communicative or performativeobjects. Kanu’s ongoing investigation into the limits of form, functionality,materiality and usefulness are often filtered through a personal lens drawnfrom the artist’s lived experiences.
Most recently, he exhibited at Quinn Harrelson Gallery, Los Angeles (2023);C-Mine, Genk (2023); Oregon Center for Contemporary Art, Portland (2023);for Public Art Fund in Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York (2022); SFMOMA, SanFrancisco (2022); Project Native Informant, London (2022); Neuer EssenerKunstverein, Essen (2022); Galeria Madragoa, Lisbon (2021); PerformanceSpace New York (2021); JTG Detroit Project, Detroit (2019); The StudioMuseum in Harlem, New York (2019); as well as Soft Opening, London(2018)

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2023_032C_CASPER_SEJERSEN_PREVIEW (dragged) — Artist Portrait courtesy of Casper Sejersen