Boji is a queer multimedia artist and musician originally from Kyiv. Boji co-create an experimental collective “Kvirtet”. The musical practice Boji started as the main vocalist at the Church of the Transformation in Kyiv, Ukraine. At the age of 18 the artist made her first album “Impulse”. Since  2017, she has been experimenting with the actualization of Ukrainian traditional folklore music.  

Boji in their artistic practice infinitely explores contemporary arts in different mediums : video-art, installation, performance.


In paralel in 2018 Boji released her next album “No position”. Boji first came into the Kyiv night culture scene through her full concert programs in cult Kyiv clubs such as  Otel’ and Closer. Later on Boji take a  new stage name for the drag performance direction of her work as “Cold Bohdana / Холодна Богдана”. She performed in Kyiv as Cold Bohdana in the MetaCulture club as well on a Glory Ball’s party series and on ICKPA festival.  

From 2022-2023 the artist is relocated in Berlin where she made her last ukrainian album “СУБВЕРСИВНІ ВИСЄРИ / SUBVERSIVE SHIT TALK”. Boji  performed in Berlin at Cashemir Radio, Sophiensaele, TANZTAGE, Hamburger Bahnhof – Nationalgalerie der Gegenwart, Historischer Übergang (Berlin, DE).


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