Bendik Giske


Bendik Giske (b. 1982) is an artist and saxophonist who uses physicality, vulnerability and endurance as his tools of expression. Giske knows that music can be a powerful tool in bringing people together to find ideas, and the longevity of his project is at its utmost a call for care, togetherness, storytelling, and the ability to gather for a shared cause.

For Sequences, he is partnering with Úlfur Hansson (b. 1988), a Brooklyn based Icelandic composer, music producer, and film score composer.

Bendik Giske works with Úlfur Hansson around their shared love for the physics of sound, or rather the experience of our environments through sound and the tools that instead of taming vibrations, facilitate their running free. This experience stimulates the mind/body to imagine realities beyond the immediately perceivable. An installative sound piece will remain from the concert in the National Gallery big hall.

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