Bára Bjarnadóttir


Bára Bjarnadóttir (f. 1991) lives and works in Reykjavík. Her work process is gnarled and personal, her private life, experimentation, studies and popular culture take turns leading the way. Studies on the communication of trees are linked to communication with a mother who recently bought a plot for a summer house, mother daughter conversation calls for a 2000s style stereo, the teenage years call for special stickers to decorate the stereo, etc. The whole process finally boils down to works like a sticker installation or oyster mushroom pet.

Bára graduated with a BA from the Iceland University of the Arts in 2017 and this autumn she finishes her MA in project management from the University of Iceland. Among her projects in recent years are group exhibitions Yes, a falling tree makes a sound (and it has a lot to say) in Kling & Bang, Everything at the Same Time in Hafnarborg, Goodie Goodie Goodie Bags in IDEAL, Prague, and the solo exhibition Theres plenty of time in 24/7 at Harbinger. Bára also ran Show & Tell, a discussion group for young artists along with Vala Sigþrúðar Jónsdóttir, at Reykjavík City Library in 2018-2019.

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Photo by Elísabet Elma Líndal Guðrúnardóttir