Anna Niskanen


The series exhibited at the Nordic House presents a collection of handprinted photomontages. Water surrounds us and flows within us, creating an immersive space and room for the imagination. The materiality and surface of these unique large-scale  works emphasise the physicality and labour of the process. The cyanotype, dating back almost 200 years, is a printing process in  which a light-sensitive emulsion is applied to paper, exposed to ultraviolet light, and finally washed with water. After exposure, a Prussian blue image is formed due to oxidation.

Anna Niskanen (b. 1990) is a Finnish visual artist who lives and works in Helsinki and works with alternative photographic processes, creating large-scale installations of handmade prints. An overarching theme in her body of work is the memory of place and nature. She builds an archive of photographs and ecofacts collected while visiting places, and uses the material to create new compositions. She has worked at the SÍM residency and the Icelandic Printmakers Association  in Reykjavík periodically since 2018.

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