Andreas Brunner


Andreas Brunner (b. 1988) was born in Zurich, Switzerland and is currently living in Reykjavík. His artistic practice is not particularly bound to a certain medium, but rather a consistent revising of concepts that can manifest in various forms. These concepts often refer to cultural development, creation of meaning, as well as perceptual concepts of time, space and materiality. With this in mind, his work has continuity in concept rather than appearance. The disconnection of metaphoric meaning and the creation of reason through dynamic conjunction rather than repetitive connections can be seen as an overall motive in artistic practice.

Andreas holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts and graduated from the Master’s program in Fine Arts at Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2018. In recent years, Andreas has developed a conceptual art practice that manifests in sculptural installation and video arrangements. His work has been exhibited in a variety of places such as Reykjavík Art Museum, Kunsthal Charlottenborg and Kunstmuseum Luzern.

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