Welcome to the Greenhouse


A recorded part of art group Valery Smith performance at SEQ 2011 on April 2nd.

“Welcome to the Greenhouse” is the second formal collaboration of  “Meeting Valery Smith.” It is an experiment and an exploration. Sunneva’s and Una’s creative paths first crossed about a year ago in Stöðvarfjörður, a small town in the east coast of Iceland, for both of them were participating in the traveling art exhibition Æringur.

During those intensive weeks they came to realize that the two of them shared a common ground, a similar point of view on several subjects and issues. In continuance they kept on exploring each other works and methods, playing with visions and ideas.

Like a melting matrix on a tray, they had an abundance and in the standstill of time she stood, it was Valery Smith.

In the fall they made their first collaborative work, a video-performance called “Primitivism in time of Global Warming” which later on was shown in the exhibition “Where land and Sea meets” held in Bíldudalur in November 2010. To continue their joyful mourning they created another project, the work “Welcome to the Greenhouse”, which will take place at the Sequences festival this year. This work is a continuation of an idea, dialogue and artwork which centers around global issues, such as growing pollution and the decline of ecological systems due to the political and economical ideology which most of us live by.

Meeting Valery Smith - Welcome to the Greenhouse