Vaim Sarv in collaboration with Flaaryr - Performance



Improvisational performance by Vaim Sarv in collaboration with Flaaryr at the the Living Art Museum, exhibition space

For Sequences XI,Vaim Sarv untangles a conspiratorial connection between oral traditions and experimental practices from the periphery. Her programme opens with a solo ritual and continues with two duo performances: with experimental musician Flaaryr on guitar, objects, and electronics and with artist and poet Ásta Fanney.Vaim and Ásta will play a game using their voices, two sticks, rocks, and water. The pro- gramme ends with a communal meal and conversation with the audience and artists.The programme proposes that friction is something that experimental artistic practices have in common with oral traditions.This friction can be used as a source of mutual aid, as a force that disrupts and renews our habits of assembly.


Vaim Sarv is an experimental musician and vocalist. Her practice blends free improvisation with noise and pagan oral tradition. Mutating his voice with extended vocal techniques and live electronics, she works towards an animalistic, machine-like sound interwoven with lyrics and spoken word. Often taking place in unorthodox locations, his ritualistic performances and curatorial projects amplify the disruptive, celebratory power of communal experiences. She hosts Land Services on IDA Radio and is the co-curator of Biotoopia.