Room 408


Saturday 31st October, 22.00 @ The House of Ideas (Room 408, sound piece premiers at 20.30)

Room 408 is a brand new Icelandic web theatre destined to explore the web as a performance space. The opening work, also called Room 408, is an adventurous sound and web experience with multiple interactive possibilities. The web play is based on an original story by Hrafnhildur Hagalín and Steinunn Knútsdóttir and further developed by them together with three actors through improvisation. The web theatre is destined to entertain audiences all over Iceland and Icelanders abroad, who will be able to enjoy this new theatre experience from the safety of their homes

Room 408 – An interactive live performance launching a new web theatre @
Room 408 is an internet theatre experience – a piece which takes place in real, as well as virtual space. A Finnish criminal expert has been asked to look into a suspicious accident in the Vestfjords in Iceland. The investigation, which unravels a tragicomic family-story of mutual deceit, crime and illusion, will be performed by a Finnish crime expert situated in Helsinki and an Icelandic police officer who together will interrogate the characters via a live performance over the internet.