PPPTPC – Center for Publicity



The PPPTPC Institute is a private joint venture that aims at producing a new Reykjavík that reflects the new Iceland. We have a whole network of departments specialized in different fields that deal with the past, present and future of the city. We work within the commerce of tourism, marketing, analysis, finance, development, news and politics. Our business is in publicity, propaganda, popular thinking and pop culture (PPPTPC). We try to use all the tools available to us in today’s information society. We use multimedia, various forms of catalogues, brochures, websites, and public events to reach our people. In this brochure, we introduce some of our projects. Thus, reflecting our identity and energy which emerged within the shores of Iceland. We want to enlighten you about Iceland and the wonderful city of Reykjavík. You will see the city through our eyes, learn about its history though our filters and start to understand the important projects we are building for the future. We have invited our partners around the world to partake in this project bringing you our vision of how to utilize and develop the city.