GERNOT FABER „me survive„
managed by Lutz Krüger & Sebastian Reuss / embodied by Oliver Cole

Gernot Faber’s (sur-)face is just an ordinary latex promotion article that is embodied by a layman-actor (Oliver Cole). As being an invented artist – a „figure without ground“ Faber is always under construction. Through him his creators allow themselves to deal with ideas that emerge from somewhere between them in terms of character, artistic practice or desperate ideas about working together as one.

After several exhibitions in which Faber performed multiple roles – as a band-manager, a shop owner, a gallery-director, a psychoanalyst’s patient, he has lately been hired by the curatorial collective WHW to perform the role of an agitator for the ideals of Yugoslav self-management – in China.

Even though Gernot is directed through his authors and obeying their genius interpretation of him being the perfect updated contemporary avant-gard artist he is self-conscious about being a star.
Following the invitation of the 2011 International Film Festival SEQUENCES in Reykjavik/Iceland he is deadly sure that this will be his very personal breakthrough as a movie star.


So the story begins: Global warming has lead to floods all over the world by melting the polar ice caps. Humanity’s best efforts to maintain art have caused inventions like Gernot Faber, a human wearing an artificial mask capable of emulating creative thoughts and emotions on him. He is designed to resemble a human painter and to virtually feel love for his human owners Lutz Krüger & Sebastian Reuss who have completely lost their sense for art. On arrival in Iceland Gernot sets out to find the Blue Lagoon, which he remembers from a commercial tourist brochure. He is convinced that the Blue Lagoon will transform him into an ordinary human being. Later in the movie Gernot meets Professor Lidenbrock a famous Professor, who excitedly tells Gernot that finding him was a test, which has demonstrated the reality of his love and desire. It also becomes clear that many exemplars of Gernot are going to be manufactured, as well as girl versions, causing Gernot to realize that he is endangered in being unique. A disappointed Gernot shoots Lidenbrock and cuts of his head to craft a mask out of it. He states he had a vision in the Blue Lagoon underwater and that shooting the scientist would stop the disastrous production of more figures like him, leading to the worst in aesthetics in the future art world. Of course this is a lie and he just wants to prevent anyone from creating doubles of him. Gernot returns to the decadent city of Reykjavik with a sincere feeling of identity, repeating solemnly his wish to be the only clonely on the planet without end working on a 1000 piece puzzle of his face until the ocean freezes?