lognfm. Deep listening event




lognfm. Deep listening event on Sunday, 22nd from 12 to 18 at Smekkleysa SM // Bad Taste Record Shop and Label.
lognfm is the hush of the world in muted anticipation, a fragile echo of a falling raindrop, the soundless murmur of expanding time.
With sonic reinforcement from Smekkleysa’s custom soundsystem constructed by Sean O’Brien and Josh Wilkinson. Blankets and pillows encouraged

Radio Gufan launched on the shores of Gufunes in June 2022 as a gathering space for listening enjoyers who appreciate the seaside, the island glow, a sunset here and there. Since then, we’ve brought our methods to the eastern coast and back again, casting our line. We don’t always broadcast on the radio, but the idea of being a radio station really puts us in the right frame of mind. Born out on a pier, always grounded in conversation with the precious feeling of our surrounding landscape – the water below us as much as the mountains in the distance.