Entertainment Island 1


Entertainment Island is Oblivia’s project 2008- 2010. Through means of a performance trilogy, film, photography, seminar and text, Oblivia will scrutinise the manifold world of entertainment and popular culture. Entertainment Island in its entirety will be launched in 2010. Kiasma theatre hosts the project. The first part Entertainment Island 1 has been successfully performed in Denmark, Romania, Germany, Iceland and the UK and now in at Sequences 2009 in Iceland.

Following the success of Entertainment Island 1, Oblivia embarks on the next performance phase of the Entertainment Island project. Entertainment Island 1 was an energetic and comic view of the concerns of popular culture, Entertainment Island 2 plans to address the darker side of the entertainment industry, as well as look at the idea of greatness that is inherent in popular culture and entertainment. “Unheimlich”, yet light, funny and absurd, Oblivia addresses what happens when darkness descend upon the Entertainment Island. The work examines the lure of violence, how violence and degradation are presented as entertainment and how violence and exploitation are used to form underlying structures within the realms of show business. Inspired by Slavoj Zizeks work on psychoanalysis and popular culture Oblivia is looking into the flipside of popular culture. Oblivia will talk about there upcoming performance Entertainment Island 2 wich will be later at Kiasma Theatre in Helsinki.

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