Amanda Riffo Aphantasia



Aphantasia will be premiered as a visual experiment in the room of a movie theater (Bío Paradís Reykjavik), inviting the audience into an exercise combining different channels of perception.

The drawing series Chromatography, is the result of the re-enactment of a laboratory technique on her minimal drawings, in specific conditions in a studio in Tokyo. The chemical analysis reveals a drawing hidden in the original black drawing.

Amanda Riffo (b.1977) is a French artist based in Reykjavik. After completing a Master of Arts at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris she later participated in exchange programs in Tokyo and Beirut. Her work has been shown in Europe, Japan, Iceland, Chile and more.

In her practice, Riffo creates exercises, documents experiments inspired by cognitive science and optics, and all kinds of misunderstandings. Her retinas being radically altered by a strong astigmatism, her work has evolved in a permanent questioning of reality. Riffo also prints and publishes micro- series of artist books.