American Meat LLC


American Meat LLC will construct an action art, mobile, viewer interactive, sculptural object-producing unit, as site for friendly constructive contemporary discourse, and fine art imperialistic gifting. The sculptural object-producing unit will be placed at various sites during various times during the festival allowing the viewing public total access to their produced objects and the American Meat LLC psyche. Whether a sculpture, a song, or a peck on the cheek from these healthy virile Americans, American Meat LLC always aims to please and entertain.

Remember the American traditional saying: The Customer is Always Right!

American Meat LLC is a North American art collective dedicated to the preservation and perseverance of conceptually biased, action based, viewer interactive, 1970’s influenced performance art, relational aesthetic oriented, politically pertinent, object oriented, contemporary action art, founded upon the canons of contemporary critical art theory.

The current members are:

Matthew Green is a conceptual artist living Portland, Oregon. He is a 2009 MFA graduate of the Pacific Northwest College of Art. He has shown his work nationally and is the creator of zines and tape labels, as well as a pretentious record collector, and the shredding lead guitar player of the post, post-punk metal band PISS.

Patrick Rock is a conceptual artist living in Portland, Oregon. He is a 2002 MFA graduate in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute and has shown his video, performance, sculpture, photo, and installation work internationally. He is the director & curator of ROCKSBOXFINEART a short-term artist residency and contemporary exhibition space in Portland, Oregon. Rock is also the current director & curator of the New Video, Autzen, & MK galleries at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, where he teaches sculpture and graduate professional practices.