Suspended time and absorption are central in our performative work.

We perform „engrossed in an activity as if in denial of an audience“. We keep still. We move according to a choreographed path. We keep close to each other, we touch each other, we lie on the floor. From one tableau to the next. Holding the image for few minutes. One of us lies on a wooden plank. The whole leg, buttocks and lower back rest on the plank. Only shoulders and head touch the floor. The second figure is already doing a shoulderstand, bending the left knee and simultaneously stretching and leaning the right leg slightly over the head. The stretched leg remains leaning… The piece is inspired by the long scene in the sculpture garden at the Museum of Modern Art in New York from the film „Shadows“ by John Casavettes; Stills from Bob Fosse’s „All that Jazz“; photos of works by Yvonne Rainer and Rudolph von Laban and Kinesiology, physical therapy exercises.