Afterparty - Radio Gufan and DJ Dodomundo





Sets by DJ Dodomundo and Radio Gufan: Liquid Spiritual Nexus


DODOMUNDO (b. 1988) is a DJ and performer working with themes like nature, body and bodies, sex, and self-love. Exploring non-conformist approach to the traditional dancefloor, she has expanded her practice outside the club to other spaces. Her creative approach is highly intuitive and empathetic and with each performance she’s trying to create a communal experience. In DODOMUNDO’s sets you will hear pieces of ratchet rap, ambient music, field recordings and club elements making outsider music genres the driving force of her musical inspiration.

Radio Gufan launched on the shores of Gufunes in June 2022 as a gathering space for listening enjoyers who appreciate the seaside, the island glow, a sunset here and there. Since then, we’ve brought our methods to the eastern coast and back again, casting our line. We don’t always broadcast on the radio, but the idea of being a radio station really puts us in the right frame of mind. Born out on a pier, always grounded in conversation with the precious feeling of our surrounding landscape – the water below us as much as the mountains in the distance.