Af fjöllum



“Að koma af fjöllum” or “coming of mountains” means being totally bewildered, confused or uninformed. The Moss Stories artists have tried to capture this feeling of being bewildered and alone and letting your imagination run wild for better or worse.

Ingibjörg and Sindri play music together in Seabear and have created videos and exhibited as a team for several years. Jón Þór and Alex have been an artist duo since 2003 making videos, music and pictures under the name of Riceboy Sleeps. Marguerite and Scott lived in Reykjavík for a year and during that time teamed up with Jónsi and Alex, exhibiting twice and forming the publishing group Moss Stories. They have released artist books such as their first Riceboy Sleeps ( by Alex and Jónsi) and their latest Princes of Royal Blood in which all six artists came together for the first time.