Vilborg Bjarkadóttir


Vilborg Bjarkadóttir

Writer / Visual artist

Art doesn’t only connect games with childhood, it realizes that everything we do is role playing. Whether we pretend to play the piano or really play it, pretend to work or really work or pretend to be a woman or really are one. We are always dealing with conscious or unconscious performative acts controlled by social discourse. No one can take of his mask. We can only decide which games we play.

I don’t play with a jump rope anymore, but I have found my own adult games. I skip the last page in the book, because I want to live with the tension of not knowing how it ends. I take no petrol in my car to experience the gas gap. I talk too long on the phone with people to know when they have had enough of talking to me. And I reproduce and reshape my identity by catching myself on film and not forgetting to write the diary, because the days that I do are as if I hadn’t lived them.

MA studies in Folklore, University of Iceland

BA Fine Arts, Iceland Academy of the Arts

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