(DK / AT)

The Danish/Austrian group SIGNA, an artistic partnership formed by Danish performance-installation artist Signa Sørensen and Austrian performer and media artist Arthur Köstler. The basis of SIGNA`s performance work is installation art. The duo mostly works site-specifically, redefining and staging abandoned buildings and camp sites creating enigmatic, timeless environments for the audience to explore and to live in.

SIGNA premiered a new video which they produced for Sequences festival titled The Circle of Mania, in the Living Art Museum on Tuesday 5th of April in 2011. The video was a 28 minutes long documentation of the first performance-installation “Saló” which was inspired by the Pasolini film with the same name. The exhibition in the Living Art Museum was open from 12:00-18:00 until the end of the Sequences 2011 festival.

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