Raul Keller


LokaalRaadio ‘mem’, 2015


11. – 19. apríl, 2015


Raul Keller is an artist who made his debut with sound installations and sound art in early 2000s Tallinn, being one of the few people on the Estonian art scene who continues to work unremittingly in this niche. Focusing mainly on site-specific sound installations, sound performance, musical improvisation and radiophonic experiments, his body of work can be summed up with the keyword “radio.” In the most general sense, sound is what Keller is interested in, of course – but specifically transmitted, mediated or reproduced sound, sound that has been passed through a technological filter. Sound as a signal, sound as noise – information and lack thereof, static of the “empty” frequencies that we hear as noise.

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Raul Keller