Rakel McMahon


Rakel McMahon graduated with a BA in fine arts from Iceland Academy of  the Arts in 2008. She works equally in two different media, i.e. performance and painting/drawing. Her approach to performance has been in constant development over the past years and one might say that her graduation work, Eve Snow White marked a beginning in this development.

Her first solo exhibition, Feed Me, was in 2009, where she exhibited a series of paintings. The works were all painted on plexiglas with a mixture of collage and drawing.

Rakel has been focusing increasingly on her drawing since 2008 and has a specific working method. Her method contains drawing in series because it sustains a certain flow as well as keeping a dialog between the idea and the artist.

As one of the members in Crymo gallery, which is an artist run and non profit gallery and an exhibition space, Rakel participated in Copenhagen Alternative art fair in 2010. There she exhibited the first version of  Made in China – I created it with my own two hands.


Even though Rakel works in two very different media there is an obvious similarity between them. She is interesting in experimenting with combining these media as well as looking at their different boundaries.

At Sequences 2011, Rakel will present a work inspired by her performance Made in China, I created it with my own two hands.

Sound by Einar Tönsberg

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Rakel McMahon