Monika Fryčová


Monika Fryčová is Czech audiovisual artist, performer, writer.

Trained athlete – javelin thrower. After finishing grammar school in Prostějov, received Master’s degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology, Atelier of Video, Czech Republic (2010). She studied in Academy of Arts in Reykjavík (2006) Iceland and independently in California/Mexico (2004) with various artist.

Monika is an interdisciplinary artist who works with any sort of media and takes on many roles; storyteller, researcher, explorer of archetypes, the art of camouflage and new technologies.  She frequently deals with untranslatable experiences, the “here” and the “now”, collaboration with artists from different artistic and geographic areas, the appreciation and understanding of space – the search for the primal source constantly found only to be deserted again.

She is part of a performance duo called Directrix.

I experience life, therefore I perform – or rather I perform as I live, love, travel and suffer, everything woven together.”

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Monika Frycova