Katarina Löfström


A Void, 2013


11. – 19. apríl, 2015


Katarina Löfström works primarily with video, digital animations, audio interactivity, and sculptural installations. Light, perception and how we choose to interpret the outside world is a recurring theme in Katarina Löfström’s video works, three-dimensional works and installations, as well as her belief in the image’s inherent ability to create meaning, without the use of language/text. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Löfström isn’t interested in language: quite the opposite. Where the image is often analyzed through language, Löfström is more interested in approaching language through images. In her work she continuously examines visual art’s inherent ability to break loose from traditional behavioral patterns and rational thinking.


The artist has received an MFA from the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm.

She lives and works in Stockholm.

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Katarina Löfström