Helga Griffiths


Brainscape, 2011


10.- 19. April 2015


Helga Griffiths is a Multi-Sense-Artist working on the intersection of science and art. She has been working for over 20 years on the integration of various sensory stimuli into her “multi-sense” installations. A successful “experience space” as she terms it, enables the percipient to immerse him- or herself in a multi-dimensional sensory space and experience memories, emotions and ideas that originate from, but at the same time are not necessarily identical to, the memories, emotions and ideas of the artist. Typical for Griffiths work is her technique of taking sensory information received through one sense, for example sight or sound, and transforming it into another, such as odour, in order to communicate with the percipient at a more direct, intuitive level and enable the sensory experience to transcend conventional boundaries of perception.


Griffiths has a BFA Degree from Mason Gross School of the Arts/Rutgers University (1991). She completed her Postgraduate Studies at Kunstakademie Stuttgart in Germany (1992-94) and then continued further studies in New Media at Hochschule für Gestaltung, Karlsuhe. Helga Griffiths is based in Germany.


Photo credit:
Michael Korte / FUNKE Fotoservices

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Helga Griffiths