Graham Gussin


Spill, 1999, Dark Light Piece (Night of the Living Dead), 2002


11. – 19. April 2015


Graham Gussin uses a wide range of media, including texts, drawings, film, video, sound and installation, to explore the perception of time, space and scale as an organic link between the pieces, the viewer and the exhibition space. His works frequently appropriate and manipulate images and literary narratives taken from art history, popular culture and, above all, cinema. His deconstruction of cinematic materials reveals a special interest in film language’s structural sediment rather than its narrative articulations. The resulting ambiguity engenders a new type of deconstruction: of the notion of the sublime, which is questioned through a continuous journey between apparent proximity (transparency of the image) and effective distance (decoding its narrative connections).


Graham Gussin is a lecturer at Slade School of Fine Art, University College and visiting lecturer at Chelsea School of Art. He is currently based in London.

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Graham Gussin