Ene Liis-Semper


Licked Room, 2000

Bíó Paradís

10.- 19. apríl, 2015


Ene-Liis Semper – clearly, it is too early to write summaries about her body of work. Especially at a time when Semper, having until now concurrently worked as a video artist, as well as a performance and theatre artist, seems to have more opportunities and desire than ever before to unite those different extremes (1). But perhaps there is good reason to examine some of the strategies through which Semper’s work, especially her videos, have gained a rather uncommon position in Estonian art in a relatively short period, and even attracted international attention. In the Estonian context, this means almost unanimous acknowledgement, drawing together audiences from rather different backgrounds. The international attention indicates a comprehension, or at least an appeal, that does not require much knowledge of the context.


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Ene Liis-Semper