Ed Atkins


Warm Warm Warm Spring Mouth, 2013




Sun/Sun 12 April, 2015, Screening.




 Ed Atkins is a British contemporary artist best known for his video art and poetry.  He is one of the most talked-about artists of his generation. Atkins’s work draws attention to the way in which we perceive, communicate and filter information. His videos combine layered images with incomplete or interrupted excerpts of singing, speech, subtitles and handwriting. His digital video works engage not only with each other but also with the space in which they appear. Working with a specialist in computer generated animation, the artist investigates the hyperreal surfaces produced by new software systems to create complex, nightmarish environments populated by virtual characters. His work invites the viewer to question our relationship with the digitalized culture that we inhabit.


Ed Atkins is based in London.

Photo credit: Kansallisgalleria/Finnish National Gallery / Petri Virtanen

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Ed Atkins