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Directrix, the duo:

Our dialog consists of a traveling performance duo Directrix Eva Isleifsdottir and Monika Fryčová. We work in sound video and installation work. The moving dialog plays on our identity and the fact that we come from different places but connected. We follow this innocent connection throughout our collaboration, protecting by all means.

We do not wish to limit our language by premeditated techniques or visions of the beauty. There is no misunderstanding. Project Directrix only focuses on what really matter, discards the noise and dead concepts. The beauty is in the third ear and in the third eye – therefore so different in different humane. Directrix shows the line with no beginning and no end.

The open range of ideas, happiness and atmosphere that is just around the corner (chapter x where is the corner) Natural forces and energy = invisible.

Movement is transformed from megaphone into the microphone. Underneath the festive spirit lies the seriousness of every action. Through the

actions is offered another surprise, provoking the form by mirroring the present (familiar audience = anonymous)

Directrix was selected for E3´film event hosted by the ELIA – European Year of Intercultural Dialogue. The film was officially premiered on 18 of October

2008, at the Prix Europe Festival in Berlin.

Directrix has also funded and started the festival Untitled on Bildudalur, Iceland. In collaboration with Gallerie Dynjanda and the Culture Fund of Vestfjords 2008.

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